Ragnarok Online: Valkyrie Uprising the new game to up rise.

Ragnarok Valkyrie Uprising


If you are one avid fan of the ever popular game of Ragnarok, be prepared because they are now relaunching this game in android! You can now play your account even if you are not at your computer. With the portability of android, you can be assured that you can access your character anywhere, anytime of the day.

Because of the demand of android apps all over the world, it is getting harder and harder to classify and find a really good game to keep. However, there would be times when a classic like Ragnarok is placed on the market and everyone is excited to download one.

The gameplay is the same. You get to have quests that you would need to complete by traveling to various places in the map and you would need to accomplished the task. The graphics is quite tolerable considering it is on android. The navigation has become a lot easier too since there are directional tabs on the left and and action tab on the right. Other controls are also navigated easily.


You would need to play this game online. It is a good thing because you can also interact with other players and you can even ask your friends to join your party and help you out with your quest.

There were some reports of bugs but the players who have downloaded this game discounted that fact. This android version is still fun to play and it is very accessible. You just have to make sure that you have a stable Internet connection to experience the full quality of the game.