This november the mobile game that will Ragna-Rock your world!!!


Good thing about this upcoming Ragnarok Online: Path of Heroes is that it will be sponsored by LINE?! 

You will be able to access the game by connecting through Line.

One more thing that will make you feel better Indo fans :))
Indonesian version is standalone version which means it will not be sharing the same server as English version.
Most likely this server is not like the ROVU English and there will be new added stuff in the upcoming Ragnarok: POH
The release of the Game is not yet fix but most likely it will be launch this upcoming November..

The Ragnarok Online offers an excellent in-game tutorial for all game features at the start of the game. There will be a highlight
methosd or important notes that a beginner must learn to play tge game easier.

All you need to do is to follow the tutorials and familiarize with the game mechanics, interface, controls
and more. It is also recommended that you play and explore the game first before creating your main character.

There will be also a quick tips, tricks and strategy guide that will help you level up your characters through Ragnarok Online: POH’s unique job system. Discover all new items and decorate your avatar in fun character costumer mounts, and pets!

haha Don’t be excited enough for the game release but just freak out when it comes this November..

Ragnarok Online: POH is a very addictive Role Playing MMO game. Play through an immersive Mobile MMO that takes place in the anime style world of Ragnarok Online! Play with friends through massive open fields and instances

I will see you all guys in Lanforta okay?!! so just seat back and relax guys :))

Visit the official Facebook page of the ROVU: POH 

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